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1. to take something that does not belong to you (see to jack, to bite)
2. to punch--hard, usually in the face
1) "In 'Growing Pains,' Ludacris stole the beat from Dilated Peoples' song "Worst Comes to Worst"
2) "At the club, 50 Cent stole Ja Rule in the face"
by presto March 21, 2003
1. one who is addicted to buying vinyl (records)
2. a band whose members are all addicted to buying vinyl
1. "That guy is always at the record store. He's a real beat junkie"
2. "Did you hear that new ish from the Beat Junkies?"
by presto March 21, 2003
to steal something non-material, like a song or piece of artwork
"Ludacris bit Dilated Peoples' beat in 'Growing Pains'"
by presto March 21, 2003
to pull back the hammer on a firearm
"He cocked his nine and put two caps in Ja's ass"
by presto March 21, 2003
A lifestyle that includes the original four elements: DJing, MCing, B-Boying (i.e. breakdancing), and graffiti art. Fasion is also often considered an important aspect of the life"
"When you talk about rap, you talk about an DJ and an MC. When you talk about hip-hop, you talk about the way you live"
by presto March 18, 2003
Other Peoples' Property
by presto March 21, 2003
(n.) a wheel cover on a car (i.e. hubcap) that people blow all their money on
"The gold rims on his Escalade cost five hundred dollars each."
by presto March 18, 2003
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