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similar to ass load, except this is bitch load. A bitch load is a slightly larger quantity than ass load, however the expressions can be used interchangeably.
I just picked up a bitch load of ganj!

I worked all summer and made a bitch load of money
by where am i? October 12, 2005
a whole frickin lot of stuff, not commonly used; usually between shitload and fuckton
1) OMFG thats a bitchload of stuff to do
2) I've got such a bitchload of homework to do
by AntiC_666 November 14, 2004
a large group of anything
1.there was a bitchload of people at mikes party
2.there where a bitchload of boxes in the warehouse
by xrayzsemipro March 14, 2013
An amount an 3 orders of magnitude (1000 times more...if your an idiot)between a shitload and a fuckload
Wow that girl has fucked a bitchload of guys
by Xaviers_Ghost October 09, 2003
A unit of measurement roughly equivalent to the weight an average woman is barely able to carry, yet a weight that she could carry all day. 1,000,000 Bitch loads = .5 Man loads.
Yo Bailey. I have Bitch loads of homework tonight. It will be done in two seconds.
by BigJohnAndTheBoys March 30, 2011
An extremely large load/quantity of something that is of significant value to the person describing it.

It is a hell of a lot bigger than ass load or shit load.
I just pwned you with a bitch load of points.
by McDouchebag514 July 21, 2009