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n: causing or inflicting damage in return for damage done to oneself. Combination of revenge and vengeance, a more profound and severe statement statement
I must get my revengeance!!!!!
You took my pencil?! Revengeance will be mine!!!!!
by AntiC_666 February 28, 2005
a whole frickin lot of stuff, not commonly used; usually between shitload and fuckton
1) OMFG thats a bitchload of stuff to do
2) I've got such a bitchload of homework to do
by AntiC_666 November 14, 2004
n: the person or thing that follows the leader (a follower)
You know, it's a leadee, I think that's the word right?
by AntiC_666 February 09, 2005
Expression essentially the same as shit yeah or hell yeah, but is usually used in a situation where there are too many authority figures that will seriously pwn you if you swear. Like cops or your uncool parents.
Oh crap yeah I took out the trash.
by AntiC_666 April 26, 2005
v: the process of creating a yearbook or any of its pages
OMFG Allison, you suck at yearbooking.
by AntiC_666 February 08, 2005

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