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old skool saying for beating.
Grandma: 'go clean yu room before mi give yu sum bitchlicks!!'
by Bubbles Gum October 25, 2011
Procuring extreme pain either from oneself or another person
Ex. 1-

GIRL: I'ma give that ho a bitch lick she never seen before! Teach her to sleep with my man!

Ex. 2-

Man: (Slips on ice) FUCK!
Man 2: Shit guy that's hell of a bitch lick right there
by Nikkithefox February 01, 2011
Belizean slang for a very painful physical experience, such as from falling, tripping, spanking.
"Gial yu wah tek a bitchlick if you no stop di run 'bout!"
translation: "Girl, you are going to get really hurt if you don't stop running around.
by blackhappiness May 14, 2009