To disrespectfully slap someone in the face with an open hand. The implication is that the person being slapped is not manly enough to be worthy of a real punch. Term is used figuratively to mean putting someone in their place (or diss) in no uncertain terms.
A figurative example: Al Franken was on TV last night and bitch slapped Bill O'Reilly.

When you bitch slap someone, you make them a punk.
by Bill Peters October 06, 2006
It's what one girl does to another girl who is sleeping with her man and she finds out
Brandi : Chad was fucking Heather and Katie last night until Keirsten walked in on them she gave them both a bitch slap from hell I guess you don't mess with her man!

Julie : I can't believe she would do that to her mother and sister!
by JDawg 316 April 08, 2016
The kind of slap a pimp gives to his whores to keep them in line or punish them. However, it is most commonly used to describe an insulting slap from one man to another, as if the slapper is treating the slappee as his bitch.
You just gonna let him bitch-slap you like that?
by Termy June 01, 2006
When a man slaps another man as he would a submissive female (rather than punching him), therefore a degrading and humiliating blow.
He bitchslapped the punk in contempt.
by Poet Daddy January 19, 2005
A slap delivered with an open hand to the face for a variety of reasons, often just to "put someone in their place." Different from a "pimp slap", which uses the back of the hand and is usually disciplinary. Also considered more demeaning especially if deliverd to a man.
He bitch slapped her just to wake her up a bit.
by Ernest Mueller July 06, 2005
There are many written variations defining the term "Bitch Slap," and for the most part they stand correct, --- for this world of Hip Hop culture. However, this form of issued embarrassment actually comes from a French method of instilled belittlement without the use of barbarism. The slap upon the face with kid leather gloves would suffice as getting the message across.

All of the above are pussy-fied ghetto and barrio ways to use the Bitch Slap..., they only use it amongst their own! See below for true usage:

The French Canadians are said to have taught the North American native Indian nations this social behavior. They had not, -- these North American indigenous peoples are the original true users of a "Bitch Slap." With the recently borrowed French word "Coup," they had "Counted coup" upon their enemy for hundred of years before hip-hop culture or Cypress Hill acting Chicanos ever had. See Urban Dictionary definition of the term "Counting coup."
Said the Idealist leader of an upstart gang, "Get my coup stick, I'm gonna walk into Compton and give every Crypt I see a bitch slap!"
by gravy111 November 28, 2010
to slap one with a backhand motion. usually when one has done something stupid, or hasnt paid their moneyy.
hoe: im sorry but i couldnt make all your money today.

pimp: "BITCH. you dont have my money?"
"you have now been bitch-slapped. you better have my money next time."
by shawty34 March 06, 2009
this is when a girl (usually, boys tend to just deck their enemies) open handedly slaps someone's face, usually another girl. if they are feeling particularly violent they may follow it immediately with a back hand slap in the opposite direction. can be for a variety of reasons but usually it is something to do stealing peoples boyfriends.
girl one: hey i heard you made out with my boyfriend?!?
girl two: who the fuck told you that?
girl one: people saw you, bitch!
girl two: people need to get their eyes tested...
girl one: cut the crap!
*bitch slap follows from girl one*
by dollychick December 14, 2007
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