A misogynistic term referring to a pimp's open-handed slap of a prostitute - designed to show dominance, instill fear, and cause pain, all without leaving a lasting mark that might inhibit her ability to turn the next trick.
Get your spooge-covered hands off my fries or I'll bitch slap your dumb ass so hard I'll be using your bloody snot for ketchup!
by sticky-fingers October 24, 2012
Slapping someone in the face for no reason other then:

a. they pissed you off or
b. you want to piss them off
guy1: hey, moron
guy2: *bitch-slaps face*
by urmom27 October 22, 2010
The action of slapping a person (Usually a woman) with the palm of your hand, usually hard. This action is sometimes confused with a similar slap called a "Pimp Slap" The pimp slap is different from the Bitch Slap because it does not slap a "bitch" with its palm but with the back of its hand.
"Yo man this bitch was walking up to me saying im her baby daddy."
"Oh yeah? What'd you do?"
"I bitch slapped her, what else?"
by Cheoleo December 29, 2012
Justin Bieber at any given time and/or date
I'll bitch slap you like I did Justin Bieber
by distortioncat May 02, 2011
A bitch slap is a subtle yet harsh way to make sure they get the point across well and truly. Particularly for those annoying bitches whom just do not get the hint, and keep on and on at you until provoked to 'bitch slap' them, like a wake up call.
Bitch: wanna go out with me....wanna go out with me....wanna go out with me..

Victim: No, you're alright.

Bitch: go out with me, or else.....go out with me, or else....go out with me, or else.

Victim: I said no, thanks.

Bitch: I'm gonna stalk you while you sleep......hear me....stalk you...

Victim: 'bitch slap' now do you get it?

Bitch: I'm going to get you for this, yeah I get it.

Victim: what have I got to do to make the hint sink into her thick skull?
by Long Johns November 27, 2013
a back handed slap whose motion resembles that of a person removing their seatbelt while in a motor vehicle
homer is about to get bitch slapped for joking about being at walmart
by hahahahahahaha6243 December 06, 2011
Open handed strike delivered to people of far inferior physical size or strength to show they are not worthy of the time it takes to bunch up a fist and hit hard when a simple slap will do.
bitch slap yo' ass!
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004

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