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25 definitions by taco

Regardless of what the fuckos at UrbanDictionary.com think, taco is pronounced tah-ko. Not tack-o.

The best food in the world. A taco is a Tex-Mex item that dominates any menu, and has the ability to incapacitate a grown man with a weak stomach.

Best served with cheese, and lots of it.
This taco is totally sweet. I could eat another. But not from Taco Bell, of course, because they suck. I'll go to a real restaurant and get another taco there.
by taco April 05, 2003
643 447
Short for pictures, commonly used on forums. Necessary when posting anything with breasts.
Guy1: dude, i just boned this hawt chickz0r
Guy2: PICS????
by taco April 01, 2003
286 90
A Rollerblader
Guy: You Rollerblade?
Girl: Yup, im a Fruit Booter!
Guy: Yeh Me too!
by Taco April 17, 2004
202 128
A Soccer Player
Guy: You Play Any Sports?
Girl: Yeah Soccer.
Guy: HA! Your a Grass Fairy
by Taco April 17, 2004
195 121
A toy monkey made of used socks and buttons and scattle
Stinky Pears is a sock monkey
by Taco January 30, 2004
59 35
A dick that is the size of a baby's dick. Can usualy be found in fat girls mouths because guys with baby dicks can't get hot chicks.
Johny has a baby dick that his fat girlfrind puts in her mouth.
by Taco September 10, 2003
48 30
Mythical god of Conan the barbarian. Also used as a verb. Similar to damn or damn-it.
Oh Krom that hurts!
Ahh Krom-it to hell!
by Taco January 18, 2005
28 10