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When someone has both of their ears pierced and perhaps stretched as well, one of the ears will be a total cock and keep getting infected, hurting, looking gross, and generally be an annoyance while the other ear will behave itself and heal properly.

So named because not only is the bitch ear being a bitch, it also hurts like a bitch.
"What's wrong with your left ear? It's all swollen!"
"Yeah, that's my bitch ear."

I just had my ears pierced, one healed up, fine but my bitch ear still hurts like a bitch!
by Kekk99 November 22, 2009
A medical condition formally known as "Auris Bitcheas." This malady strikes tens of thousands of American males every year, and is caused by the unholy sonic reverberations of the upper registers of the female voice on a cell phone.

Auris Bitcheas is particularly dangerous in a dating relationship, as the male ear is subjected to hundreds of hours of continuous whining by his girlfriend via cell phone.
"Hey man, could you turn the TV down? I have MAJOR bitch ear from talking to my gf last night."
by Sir E. P. D. February 05, 2008
a bitch ear is your favourite ear to bitch to, and usually belongs to another person. unless they are dead. which makes the bitch ear a bit pointless.

basically, the person you moan to about your shitty life :)
Ben: Dude, whats up with Hayley, she looks a bit upset
Jerry: It's cool, i'll find out later, i'm her bitch ear.
by mrbeefy0811 September 21, 2011