A popular breakfast dish in Southern and Midwest U.S. cuisine where the gravy resembles fresh warm horse jizz mixed with rabbit shit.
Hey. These biscuits and gravy taste like fresh warm horse jizz mixed with rabbit shit.
by Joshua James October 18, 2006
when you fuck a girl on the final days of her period and leaves a brown gravey color on your dick
Brendan fucked Katie and made biscuits and gravy
by brendaninkatie December 01, 2009
Biscuits and Gravy is a term that was started by my fiancee Jaimie and her friend Melissa.

Biscuits and Gravy is another way to say "Oral Sex". It could be eather male or female recieving the oral. The important part is that the oral is so good that it ends up getting all sloppy and dripping....just like a big plate of biscuits and gravy
"So what are you doing tonight?"

"Im heading home. The wife text me and said she wants some biscuits and gravy"
by BIGGDAD September 13, 2009
A homosexual game.
A biscuit is placed in the center of a group of men. The men jack themselves off, or circle jerk. As each man gets off he sprays his load onto the biscuit. The last man to get off has to eat the biscuit.
"Hey! Wanna go over to Jak's house tonight? We're going to play some biscuits and gravy!"

"Kevin had to eat the biscuits and gravy."
by ElvenSage February 17, 2006
n. sex move: sexing a girl with a yeast infection until the room stinks.
i definitely had biscuits and gravy for dessert last night.
by garfffffffff April 23, 2010
The application of vomit to the female partners teats.
Stick your finger down your throat 'cause I want me some biscuits and gravy. Biatch.
by Brometheus February 15, 2009
sexual act.
To preform you must blast a girl in da ass pull out and jizz all over her ass hole and proceed to give a rim job

We suggest you only do this if you are a damn freak!
Ya know that sick fuck J.D I heard he gave some bitch "biscuits and gravy"
damn what a freak!
by Lone "C.D." S.L.C. January 24, 2004
The biscuits and gravy is when one person first shits then pisses on their partner's chest.
After a heavy night of drinking, Hillary gave in and allowed Bill to let loose with a rugged biscuits and gravy.
by Cindy Keeble November 09, 2007

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