A popular breakfast dish in Southern and Midwest U.S. cuisine where the gravy resembles fresh warm horse jizz mixed with rabbit shit.
Hey. These biscuits and gravy taste like fresh warm horse jizz mixed with rabbit shit.
by Joshua James October 18, 2006
During sex, you tie a girl up. Then you poke her in the eyes with your cock, bust a nut in her armpits, and puke on her tits. Pull out her pubes with pliers, stick a funnel in her ass, and hock a huge loogey in her poop chute. Leave her tied to the bed while you loot the place and set the garage on fire
"Wow baby, last night was awesome. You want me to make you some Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast?"
by Angus April 26, 2005
When having a poop which is not entirely solid, you are said to be giving birth to Biscuits and Gravy! You'll know when you look in the bowl and see good biscuit sized chunks floating amidst the luck warm gravy.
Honey, come on downstairs here!... Honey can you hear me! Come on down here, I'm whipping up a double-sized batch of biscuits and gravy! And they're a little runny just like you like them!!!
by 3beans March 09, 2004
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