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Nude; not an inch of clothing on your body(We were born naked)
" For her anniversary, Mrs. Smith got into her birthday suit for Mr. Smith."
by Ashanda February 01, 2007
When somebody does something that was on the low and wrong. Like if a guy were to try to take his best friends girlfriend he would be creep
Man why you did that, you creep dawg
by Ashanda June 01, 2007
A hood that has been made out of the two cities Lauderhill and Sunrise, Florida. Deepside is one of the toughest hoods in all of Fort Lauderdale. People who live in deepside use the numbers 5519 to represent their hood.
I rep deepside 5519 all day
by Ashanda May 31, 2007
Your hood niggaz dat you know are gonna ride and die wit you no matter what the consequences
"Me n my goons gonna kick thsese niggaz asses on 5th street."
by Ashanda February 01, 2007
Some one who uses drugs that are in pill forms
I roll with gangstas, pillpoppas, and dankheads
by Ashanda June 01, 2007

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