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Binhead is a term used to describe a smoking game in which the loser must accept a forfeit.
The game uses a pint glass which has a sheet of smoking papers held taught over the top by a hair ban, resembling a drum. Then a 5p piece is placed on the center of this sheet. The players then take it in turns to make a "burn" on the "bin". The player who's burn causes the 5p to fall is the loser.
Lets play binhead

That sounds like an excellent plan
by Mr Road January 11, 2006
A term to describe someone so retarded, they manage to get a bin on their head.
Andy:Wow Tom really smeels today
James: Must be a binhead
by andyandjamesandandyandjames May 28, 2007
A person who takes that many drugs or drinks that much alcohol that they are literally using their head as a bin. Binheadonism are people whose life is geared towards embibing themselves in chemicals.
The club was full of binheads gurning there heads off.
by Snowph August 23, 2008
A baghead who listens to heavy metal. This comes from the corner-cutting logic that dictates that a bag would be a bin, if it was made out of metal. Therefore, a metal baghead is a binhead.
"Look at that smackhead listening to Slayer!"

"Yeah, man. What a binhead."
by Earfetish December 14, 2004
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