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a nerdy harry potter lookalike who has a twin brother.

and guess what?
they look exactly the same.
but one is fatter.

bins usually spend time on their shitty windows xp computers making cheap flash movies that are not funny. some are.
"look at that nerd, he looks like harry potter"

"his name is binh"
by Sandster April 30, 2005
also goes by Bink, Blue, or Assmaster; someone who is obsessed with getting good grades and big butts. sometimes called an asshole
Sir Mix A Lot has nothing on Binh when it comes to butts.
by Playa February 20, 2005
The bitchy breed of homosexuals.
I got slapped across the face by a binh, Binh for staring at Elton John's bare bottom leather short, shorts.
by AndyWearsABra December 12, 2006
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