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Anything that is concidered not up to scratch or with the current trends or fads.
your car is a bit of a binger, mate.

your shoes are bingers.
by ChipsMcC January 08, 2006
A heady bong rip taken directly to thy dome.
Ah dude, we gotta take some bingers before that beasters math test.
by Dankanonymous September 19, 2006
A full chamber of marijuana smoke inhaled from a bong. The act of ripping a binger is widely practiced.
Bill rips mad bingers.
by Dickie J. November 20, 2002
To take a drag from a bong
who wants some bingers?
by will natsues March 21, 2003
A bong or water pipe
Pass me the binger. Damn you broke my binger. Halo was a good binger.
by betsy January 18, 2005
Marijuana smoke in some sort of chamber, more specifically the smoke contained within the chamber of a gravity bong. Can also include any device in which marijuana smoke is pulled through a chamber, such as a traditional bong or bubbler. A binger stands out from a normal hit in that it is exceptionally intense.
Billy, that binger you pulled me last night made my fucking lungs bleed.

Hey man, wanna take a couple bingers before we go the movies?
by El Pez May 11, 2009
A bong or water pipe of any kind. Also a bong hit, or a hit from a water pipe.
C'mon, just one little binger to brighten up your day.
Pass me the Binger, Jerk.
by BuntaBagz October 04, 2010
A person who exhibits excessive or uncontrolled indulgence in food or drink.
As a binger, she'd often eat the whole box of donuts.
by The Binger December 04, 2012