The finger a bum.
The word comes from the combination of the words bum and finger.
Mate, a girl crept into my room last night and bingered me!
by Bingmeister General May 21, 2013
A girl who attempts to avoid real world tasks by spending large amounts of time at raucous parties involving copious amounts of alcohol.
Katie doesnt enjoy brand challenges, she seems to be a real binger.
by Lol_ginger September 09, 2011
An extremely beautiful woman or a phrase for an act of pleasure
after he saw Sarah, he was like "WOH, BINGERS!"
by Joshua Butler September 09, 2003
a pull , toke off a glass piece , or bong . usually refering to expensive marijuana .
bing bing son , its time for a binger . hey man , i'll turn you on to a binger if you do my dishes .
by keyser soce February 01, 2004
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