To drink alchohol so excessively that one does not remember anything from the night before, but was involved in many humorous events. Originally created as a nickname for the alter ego of a person named Ginger.
1) Dude, you were so crazy last night! response Man... I pulled a binger.

2) "Uh, you were talking to Binger last night. She forgot to tell me about how she was dancing on the bar," says Ginger.
by Binter April 08, 2006
a person who is addicted to crack
Bingers are retards.
by valoem February 06, 2005
A word used to describe a line of cocaine

aka track, rail, bump
Apb had no coke left so necro busted out a couple of bingers
by Apb420 October 29, 2006
Anything that is concidered not up to scratch or with the current trends or fads.
your car is a bit of a binger, mate.

your shoes are bingers.
by ChipsMcC January 08, 2006
A social gathering where a large amount of marijuana is smoked using a bong
I was so high at the binger that I couldn't feel my legs.
by Matt K December 06, 2003
anus, butthole
Babe, you really have a stinky binger tonight, did you just crap
by Jay June 17, 2004
A Cigarette Bat/One Hitter used for catching a quick buzzzzz while you're on the go.
Hey man, pass me the dugout, I need a binger.
by C:\>213\ February 01, 2006

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