To incorrectly finger a girl so that your fingers enter her butthole and pleasure her until your fingers become covered in her feces.
Dude, I billied that panther last night.
Sweet man, maybe her forehead will get smaller.
by TimTebow October 03, 2009
Top Definition
Used to describe an individual high on opiates. Generally refers to pharmecutical classes of the opiate/opiod group.
"Dude, Matt took a few Norcos--check him out, he's way billied."
by Misschievious September 21, 2008
An opened cool beverage (usually alcoholic) that has been allowed to increase in temperature beyond that of room ambiance. This is usually a result of nursing the drink and holding it for to long.
You've nursed that beer for so long now... It's a billy beer... it's billied
by Billy Beer October 03, 2014
The over usage of pain releaving pills, usually leaving you so fucked up that you manage to drool all over your own chin or obtain fecal matter in your shorts the next morning.
Grandpa was so billied from the vicodin he took, he shit himself at the dinner table.
by Kettle-1 Kyle May 09, 2006
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