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The term "kag" stands for either "kute Asian girl" or "korny Asian girl." The first meaning is typically used positively by males with yellow fever to describe the Asian females they pass by, observe, and/or covet. The second meaning is used to describe extremely fobby girls who have yet to assimilate into the culture of a foreign country (i.e. USA).
Check out those kags at the Asian plaza.
by kag hunter July 15, 2011
31 18
To trip someone quickly and make them fall to the ground. To sweep the leg. Possibly used exclusively in a ghetto in West Alabama.
Don't make me kag you up!

Ooooo! He just kagged that dude up!

Man! Why tryin' to kag me up?
by wisepeace December 26, 2013
4 1
A disgusting being; rude and hated; found disturbing and ugly; hated and unwanted; considered socially awkward.
The girl was considered a kag to all the other children.
by Professor Dareth James November 06, 2013
5 3
Extremely whipped to its highest peak. Sprung as can be
Bruh leave her alone give her some space stop bein a Kag.
by Hmmmmmmm February 03, 2012
4 7
KAG is the Klingon Assault Group. They have a website at kag.org
Did you see that KAG room party? It looked like a Klingon space station!
by qurgh May 07, 2010
3 9
To Kick All Guests / Kill All Guests on BlogTV or any other place where there are guests in a chat room.
The hoe was pissing me off so kagged the bitch.
by NICKAWHAT December 13, 2009
11 18
is the male ball bag and nuts. with the nuts inside the ball bag.
look at those black guys kags... MASSIVE!
by vinnie + andy August 16, 2008
1 8