3-in-1: nipple protector, breast lifter (sometimes not), and attention-getter
She is wearing a 3-in-1 bikini today! Nipple protector, breast ifter, and attention-getter all at the same time!
by sylvermonk April 10, 2007
piece of clothes from which girls tried their best to hide their breast and vigina but almost failed.
look at beaches in european countries you will see these examples
by khan moghul July 22, 2005
The greatest thing the French have ever done... Ever.
French Dude: But what about zee snails?

American Straight Male: Fuck that man, you guys did your part with the Bikini's; just get back to not bathing!

French Dude: (smells himself and cringes) Wee...
by I-Throw-Midgets July 10, 2008
The greatest thing the French have ever done... Ever.
Snails... What else is there to say?

Bikini time!
by Invasion!-At-the-disco July 31, 2008
A skimpy two piece swimsuit that make lingerie look like a hooker but over dressed but looking like she might as well be naked.
That bikini is not just tiny, its teeny, she might as well be wearing nothing at all!
by KainCoorhagen November 02, 2009
(noun.) a girl's or woman's chastity, held up by only a knot.
Guy: "Did you check that girl's bikini out?!"
Friend: "Yeah, but she'd look better without it, if you know what I mean!"
Guy: "Damn straight, let's undo the knot!"
by thefruitofthetree.tumblr.com January 08, 2011
A game to be played with friends.
One person runs his/her finger along the side of the opponent's face and says bikini.
Bonus points can be gained from using one's toes.
The object is to gross out your opponent and catch him/her off guard.
I felt so violated when my friend got a bikini and touched my face with her foot.
by Lolo July 07, 2006

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