Brown nigga. A brown person who believes they are black
Yo, dawgs, dat de funky shit!
Shut up, Ravneet, you bigga!
by Kore February 24, 2004
Top Definition
Short for bigger
I got bigga rims den you
by Fallen March 05, 2003
A term to covertly describe large women...uses the same scale as tornados (B1-B5) to rate them more specifically from having a slight pooch to being morbidly obese. Commonly found with lluna at parties.
"Dude, did you see that pair of B4s just walk by?"
by B.Quizzle March 28, 2005
It means bitch nigga
Me:Wow Tyler is a bigga

Joe: I know right he is a chode too
#nigga #tony danza #donkey punch #camel toe #pink sock
by Cello boy June 09, 2014
a bitch nigga
Me: shut the shit up you bigga

You: you shut the shit up you shittin butt muncher

Me: hey shut the shit up you booty pirate

You: butt-hole
#bigga #bitch #nigga #biga #bigger
Combination of two words: bitch and nigga (also may be spelled as biggah). Can be used in two ways:
1. in a funny way (look at me I can swear like a boss)
2. in an offensive way (as all bad words are usually being used)
xxx: you make me puke
yyy: please, bigga

Matt: you look dumber than my leg does.
Sam: don't open your fucking mouth ever again, you pathetic bigga!
#bitch #nigga #niggah #whore #black
by piu uip November 20, 2012
Noun; the most fantastic soft drink, often referred to as 'Biggada bigga', often drunk in fields or parties.
Verb; to bigga- The act of drinking Bigga.
Some Bigga wouldn't go amiss here.
#bigga #biggada #jamaica #red #fruit punch
by ArchieLGB March 21, 2011

bitch nigga
a cleaner way of saying bitch and/or nigga
-this word was originally created by a girl named Keina who travels back in forth from Cali to Illinois.
You: Oh, hey! How are you?

Me: Bigga, please.
#clean #bitch #nigga #real #yeah #if
by cambobigga June 15, 2013
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