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7 definitions by Fallen

Short for bigger
I got bigga rims den you
by Fallen March 05, 2003
229 88

Jerk, Asshole, Weasle, A Slimy Bastard, Backstaber, Someone who likes to run thier mouth then hides behind someone else, laughing at you. That guy who will not leave your girlfriend alone eventhough you already whooped his bitch a$$.. Usually associates with dickheads..
"See that lil' Peckerneck over there??"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He keeps runnin' his lil' fukin' mouth about how he wants to fuk my girlfriend."

"Wait till' bartime, then we'll get his a$$."
by Fallen December 06, 2003
26 8
Somethin worth explainin and/or talkin bout wit the crew. A consensus of somethin dat might be unexpected but remains a highlight. A point of converation.
"hey nigga, me and Tre were at da club and spotted deez 2 hottiez and dey took us back to their crib and fuked us good."

"Damn, dats big buisness!!"
by Fallen December 06, 2003
9 5
noun Usually of the Christopher variety. Has odd obsession with gay and homo. Often hints, but will never admit that he is indeed a mud tongue. Commonly found around the workplace.
Examples of Newbill:

"I’m pretty sure in real life, not on television; I can spot a Tele-tubbie making a b-line for my A-hole."

"…remembers why we cover our asshole while at parade rest…clinches tight and looks over shoulder for Hawk…"

"For that…+1000 Homosexual points to you. That puts you up there with Big Gay Al"

"Make him a druid…and a tauren…just because we need a cow to milk"

"I’m going to bust all of your nuts if you guys don’t STFU and stop being dumb. (at least make it funny if you’re going be an idiot)"
by Fallen January 27, 2005
3 6
noun: A homosexual, typicly male, who purposely exibits traits of the opposite sex. Similar to a pre-op transvestite, but not nearly as convincing.
Holy shit dude! Did you see that thing? Total fagenstien.
by Fallen December 01, 2004
4 10
Big girl, Fat girl, wide girl,a gilr that is about as big, heavy, and wide as a bulldozer...
Person 1 "See that dozer over there?"

Person 2 "Yeah, Damn, she looks like she ate Ronald outta big macs!"

Person 1 "50 bucks says i fuk her tonite."

Person 2 "Your on!"
by fallen December 12, 2003
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self explanitory
self explanitory
by Fallen October 07, 2003
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