refering to a stong humanoid who is well known for his unparalleled athletic ability and HUGE muscles
Susan Mckenna is a bigga
by mike winton February 20, 2007
like wigga (white person trying to be black) bigga(black dumb person trying to be white) simple!
blkgrl: where should we go? club or cinema?
blkgrl: no i would prefer to have a tea party. would you like to come?
blkgrl: hell no you bigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by nessa22 December 20, 2007
its like any word that means "hes stupid, thats stupid" that kind of thing
That kid is such a bigga!
by Cierra August 08, 2004
A bigga is someone who is being a bitch nigga, or one who shows bitch-nigga qualities/traits.
-Yo dawg, yous bein' a bigga.

-What dat be dawg?

-Nigga, yous a bitch nigga.

-Ight dawg, my bad.
by Graphmite July 10, 2008
Brown nigga. A brown person who believes they are black
Yo, dawgs, dat de funky shit!
Shut up, Ravneet, you bigga!
by Kore February 24, 2004
a brown "bigga"; a brown (i.e. east indian / pakistani / etc) person who tries very hard to be black or African-American, pretending to be a part of Hip-Hop culture, in "da hood," etc. very similar to "wigga."
Bigga: "yo, whuzzup, dawg?"
Sane Person: "shut the $#* up, you're from india, not the 'Hood."
by marcuscreature February 09, 2005
The word "Bigga", can also mean in some circumstances, a cigarette. Mainly used in the midlands/south-east of England.
"Oi safe, can you tic me a bigga?"
"SAFE BIGGA MASSIVE, don't 'spose you 'ave one?!"
by Peter November 24, 2004

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