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2 definitions by marcuscreature

Short for "refugees." Derogatory term for political refugees usually. Used commonly in Canada for foreign people who are applying for residency / citizenship by declaring themselves political refugees that cannot return to their homeland because of persecution for whatever reason. See fob.
"lookit that weird brown guy trying to figure out how to use a payphone. what a fugee."
by marcuscreature February 09, 2005
a brown "bigga"; a brown (i.e. east indian / pakistani / etc) person who tries very hard to be black or African-American, pretending to be a part of Hip-Hop culture, in "da hood," etc. very similar to "wigga."
Bigga: "yo, whuzzup, dawg?"
Sane Person: "shut the $#* up, you're from india, not the 'Hood."
by marcuscreature February 09, 2005