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1.To 'live large'. To party hard, and basically live for thrills and excitement. Commonly used by grimies/indie kids/ravers in Australia and some parts of the UK.

2.A word associated with a barely recognized music genre/label, grindie rave core, mixing grime, indie and rave. Most common grindie rave core band would probably be Hadouken!
1.Azza:Rave tonight at Bevva's courtyard?!
Deegan:Fuck yes. Big it up for real.

2.Deegan:Man, Hadouken! is the basis of grindie rave core!
Azza:Yer mate. Big it up!
by Azza. January 07, 2008
To enlarge the volume of a substance, thereby increasing the profit when selling such product. Mostly used by lower level drug dealers, employing fiends who cut up coke, increasing the volume of a batch by a certain percentage. An increase in volume without increasing the amount of basic substances leaves you with an inferior product.
Antoine: Aiyo, i got this horrendous nose bleed last night from the white Dukie i got up on 53'rd street.
Peshawar: Man, i told you not to get that stuff from uptown, they always big it up. You should visit my Jamaican friends down south for some crystal clear premium grade stuff.
Antoine: Aight man, hook me up for tonight.
by Frituurmeister February 06, 2011
a trixie-ism.
to exagerate, and/or make it up.
pam's birthday party was so lame she had to big it up by saying that keanu was two tables over, and partied with the party. (not!) because keanu would never be caught dead at a ballwash place like remy's.
by trixie g. February 16, 2005

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