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The most populated and second most affluent city in the state of Montana, with about 100,000 residents.

Also called the Yellowstone City because of its close proximity to Yellowstone National Park, or the Magic City because of its fast growth.

In the early 1990s, the KKK and other Neo Nazi organizations tried to set up bases in Billings. After a large number of hate crimes against the city's tiny minority populations, however, the city banded together and drove the groups out. This was the subject of the PBS documentary, "Not in Our Town."

Derek Vineyard, the lead character from the film American History X, is based partially on the story of Billings resident Clinton Snipes.
We're going to fly into Billings and then head out to Yellowstone Park.
by Callie G. February 03, 2007
Billing-the act of branding US currency with letters, numbers, and symbols with the intention of raising publicity for any given entity. This term officially created on, (thesteinman) is the official creator/owner of this term. 11:28 March 16,2009.
I've been billing for, now we have more members.
by thesteinman April 13, 2009
to bill or i am billing... woteva but yea to roll a joint basically
yo pass me that shit so i can BILL myself one biigggg splif
by tomAzz January 19, 2004
Other wise know to its inhabitants as B-town or Bumfuck Montana. People here get bored over time of having nothing to do and hang out at the fairly small local mail (where they just had to put American Eagle next to Hot topic and A&F next to Spencers which the preps and the goth both hate but the emos kind of like) Other then that people may hang out at the skate park on the southside or go to some part on the southside while they are there. Then once you have done all that i guess if it a hot enough day out you can hang at Big Splash water slides (which isnt all that interesting.)

So hopefully you don't spend too much time here or you WILL get bored. Go to California if u want to have some fun.
Damn, there is like nothing to do in Billings. How about lets go get drunk and high on the south side.
by Toxic_Kitten June 14, 2008
The male act of tucking one's genitals between ones thighs while naked, then parading around.

NB Dancing infront of a mirror to Lazzarus Q and muttering, "Would you fuck me?" are not manditory, but will earn you extra points.
I got home early and found him billing about in the bedroom
by El gringo gingeo January 16, 2011
a town full of creep-asses
billings you are a creep-ass
by Corey Bergers July 13, 2006
Obsessively talking about your child and how they are better than everyone else even if they are not and having that as a staple topic in every conversation.
Dude I'm so mad at my dad he was billing super hard yesterday
by SPOOT1253 May 23, 2016
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