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A great big burrito, usually smothered in red or green sauce and melted cheese.
Jerry got into town from Montana and the first thing he did was go to Los Sanchez for a big fatty, because the Mexican food stinks in Billings.
by jobiemom2 April 15, 2008
candle used to cover the smell of your shit when you are sharing quarters with other people
Would you please light the courtesy candle, it smells like something died in there!
by jobiemom2 August 20, 2008
Nickname for your sweetie when you want another brew.

"Bring Another Beer Sweetie!"
Him: Hey B.A.B.S. I'm getting thirsty out here.
Her: Okay I'll bring you another Bud in a minute.
by jobiemom2 July 02, 2009
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