an illness affecting little girls, and some guys,to become addicted to the high pictched voice of Justin Bieber.. and an attraction to:

-skater hair
-immaturity/ lack of puberty
-American wannabees
-little boys

may result in lack of anything normal and becoming homosexual or insane.
Person 1: dude, she just b*tch slapped my mom for saying she didn't like Justin Bieber.

Person 2: that's a classic symptom of Bieber Fever.

Girl: Don't f*ck with the Biebs!!!!!!
by vakid February 23, 2011
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The act, or disease of being litterally obsessed with justin bieber. Most commonly found in girls, but occasionally a guy or two
Girl- Dude omgomgomgomgomg i loooooove justin bieber he doesnt know it yet but im gonna marry him!

Guy- Wow... talk about bieber fever
by luluko March 05, 2010
The act of falling in love with the pop singer Justin Bieber. This condition can affect anyone from the ages of 1 to 92.
You have Bieber fever if you have one or more of the following symptoms:
1. Your heart melts when you see his smile.
2. Your heart flutters when you hear him sing.

3. You think to yourself, "Aww he is the definition of innocence and perfection, he must be an angel."
4. You know the words to at least one of his songs.
5. You find yourself dancing to his music with people around or not.

6. You watch youtube videos of him all day long.
7. You own either My World, My World 2.0....or both.

8. You have bought tickets to his concert(thats an obvious one).
9. You are a 20 year old girl who has secret thoughts of getting with him.

10. You have given him a nickname, such as Biebs, Biebsta,or whatever else you have creatively come up with.

11. You cry because you want to meet him.

12. You think you and him are meant to be (aka marriage)

People....the list goes on and on. Basically you have Bieber fever if you have ANY positive thoughts about the guy.
bieber fever-an obsessed fan
by Megan Bieber April 21, 2010
noun- a sickness, that has recently been becoming more common, where a girl, or boy, is extreamely obsessed with Justin Bieber, and everything related to him. There is no cure found for this yet.
girl- "I don't know what's wrong with me. Lately, all I can think about is Justin Bieber. And every time i hear his name I want to do him even more..."

doctor- "you clearly have a serviere case of Bieber Fever..."
by kaylaxmarie18 April 12, 2010
Diagnoses: Bieber fever
Symptoms: obsessive thoughts of Justin Bieber, stroke, heart attack, and seizure possibilities if meeting him, crying hysterically, screaming at a shrieking tone, fainting, and falling in love. Falling in love is most likely permanent and irreversible.

If you have heart conditions or medical issues, you should consult with your doctor before watching him on TV, looking at a picture of him, or meeting him in person. It is most common in young girls.

So far this fever is incurable.
20,000 girls show up to Justin Bieber's concert screaming at the top of their lungs and FREAKING OUT. They've got Bieber Fever.
by JustinBieberislife April 16, 2010
The super-obsession of Justin Bieber and his songs; Knowing the words to all of Justin's songs and everything about him; The impression of having stayed up all night just listening to his songs and waking up in the morning feeling like you're sick.
Girl A: *moans*
Girl B: What's wrong?
Girl A: I stayed up all night listening to Justin Bieber's songs and making a webpage for him.
Girl B: you have bieberfever, am I right?
Girl A: Hell yeah!
by loveisafourletterlie November 25, 2009
The term Bieber fever applies mainly to prepubescent girls with a few exceptions. Most people that actually have bieber fever are either:
1. Deaf
2. Possesing an IQ below room temperature
3. Pedophiles
4. Knowing nothing about music
5. Under the age of 10

Few people know the cause of Bieber Fever, but it generally causes any girl years younger than him to love him and anyone with a tiny bit of manliness or sense of music having a strong hatred towards the girl they call Justin. Usually this would cause someone to go to jail and eventually get shanked multiple times, but Bieber is a celebrity and is known to attract miles of fools that can actually listen to his sqeaky xbox live-esque voice. After concerts, the crowds are generally worse than riots, and the Local Swat teams have to hold back the now savage fans.
Dumbass Girl: Woo! I have Bieber Fever!

Person with complexity above a fruit fly: He makes horrible music, how can you like him?

Dumbass Girl: STFU! He's very talented

Person: *Sigh* (Procedes to daydream about Bieber getting cudgelled)
by Jag140 July 08, 2011
The biggest epidemic since the Black Plague.

Millions of women aged 3-60 have been affected by it. Although most men are immune, a couple have shown small signs of this deadly illness.

Symptoms include:
Loss of friends
Constant searching for gossip about Justin Bieber
And the developing of Edward Cullen Disease.

The only cure is more cowbell.
I've got BIEBER FEVER, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!
by Lucio Soph October 17, 2010

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