Basically means bitch.
From Afro-American origin.
Wassup, bi-atch!
She's just a bi-atch
by Anon November 28, 2004
Another word for "bitch" but stronger as when saying "BIATCH" you really mean that she/he is a real bitch.
Don't be too pushy, BIATCH.
by Levon Kabbani November 18, 2003
1) Any girl who's acting like everyone is under her control

2) Girl that has waaay 2 much drama!

3) Girl who acts stupidly and selfish
A: Hello, Gorgeous!

B: Talk to my hand, you stupid bastard!

A: Hey Yoo! What a biatch!!
by andy_9149 February 19, 2011
The slang/ fun way to say "bitch" when speaking to someone you do not want to offend.
what up biatch... wanna go shopping?
by Querica March 31, 2012
a nicer way of sayin "bitch"
Often used between friends as a lighter way of insultin eachother!
jokes- oi biatch get your ass over here!
by lou lou February 26, 2005
A variant of the word bitch which is mostly used by people who are really retarded
Man: Hi can I get a a...
Mcdonald's Employee: a...
Man: Ummm...
Mcdonald's Employee: You know, you a stupid ass biatch!
by risen2011 November 11, 2013
salope qui suce de grosses bites
Allez prends toi ca sale chienne
by Mehdi le BOss September 30, 2003

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