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the best show that has ever graced television. like a soap opera, only with a better plot, better actors, and better filming and sets. everyone is ridiculously gorgeous and rich, even when they are "poor". and the drama never ends
I love the OC because everyone is beautiful and fabulous.
by emilou18 October 03, 2005
an affectionate, joking reference from one girl to another (must be good friends, otherwise, is an insult)
girl a: Hey!
girl b: What's up biatch!?
by emilou18 October 03, 2005
a freakishly tall and large woman. must be at least 5'9" or taller. must also be able to be classified as a gigantor. large enough to frighten some boys.
That woman was so huge! What an Amazon!
by emilou18 October 03, 2005

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