The church is a place for people to worship God. Never have I heard a church referred to as Biatch
by klw September 26, 2003
"I am the biatch"
by Bunz September 14, 2003
A biatch is a fine black girl with some nice ass ghetto booty and some big ass titties.
Wad the fuck up my biatch ima lick ur nipples tonight motha fucka
by T-bone January 11, 2004
a man or women you are angry with
man your such a biatch
by dude July 23, 2003
Pronounced 'bi - arch' the word gives praise to someone in a high position, often given to persons of royal status.
"Yes biatch"

"Anything for you biatch"
by joejoejoejoejoejoejoe January 10, 2007
A insult fifty-year-old white ladies use because they don't know it actualy means bitch. They think that Biatch means "Biatch" and have too much cocaine in their system to realize it means "Bitch".
by Andy March 20, 2005
an affectionate, joking reference from one girl to another (must be good friends, otherwise, is an insult)
girl a: Hey!
girl b: What's up biatch!?
by emilou18 October 03, 2005

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