russian for bitch.

when you'd want to say "may god fuck you, bitch!" in russian, you'd say:

bog te jebo, biatch!
see above
by maks June 26, 2004
A term used by black people refering to their girlfriend,protitute or just some random ho.
1.Look at that ugly Biatch
2.Whadupp Biatch
by Tom Davis December 05, 2003
An annoying biznatch. Someone you'd love to punch in the throat and or pee on.
"el mayate que se robo mi carro es un biatch!"
by YaDiRa September 09, 2003
Your Girlfriend, someone you care about
That's my biatch get your own muthafucka
by Chad Clifton August 17, 2003
One who is highly disliked by ghetto g's of the neighborhood.

See: Yo mama
Get yo ass out the street biatch!
by Point Blank July 04, 2003
someone getting their ass handed to the. someone who is owned by someone else.
"Hey Joe,looks like I just stomped your ass BIATCH." or "Sue get down on your knees and give me head BIATCH."
by nun a ya biz BIATCH April 25, 2003
1 A selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend
2 To describe one who never buys another person lunch
"Adam when are you ever going to buy me lunch...BIATCH!"
by Daveboy March 21, 2006

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