1. A substitute for the word bitch.

2. A non-harsh way of calling someone a bitch.

3. An slightly affectionate way of making someone do something for you.

4. Someone who isn't a female but still does things for you no matter what it is nor what the consequences of doing it are.
1. Morgan is such a biatch!

2. Dude, you are a biatch...

3. Get me my milk! Biatch!!!

4. I made Jimmy my biatch... He gets me what I want, when I want it...
#bitch #biatch #hoe #slut #skank
by Stiffler935 May 26, 2009
A sexy bitch, and most usually a whore.
The new girl is such a biatch! She asked 12 people out in seven days and she wanted to give me a blowjob!
#biotch #biatch #bitch #slut #baitch #boitch
by ade! November 29, 2007
1) A word with many uses.

2)THE best word in the worldwide dictionary.

Uses of biatch:
-Biatching it large- having a good time.
-To be somebody's biatch- the same as being someones bitch except with a more trendy sound.
-You biatch- calling someone cool, if said in a laid back tone of voice.
-You BIATCH!- calling someone a bitch if, said in an angry tone of voice.

#bitch #dawg #pimp #jump off #biatch
by MAmSHaZzLe August 01, 2006
Your Girlfriend, someone you care about
That's my biatch get your own muthafucka
by Chad Clifton August 17, 2003
russian for bitch.

when you'd want to say "may god fuck you, bitch!" in russian, you'd say:

bog te jebo, biatch!
see above
by maks June 26, 2004
The church is a place for people to worship God. Never have I heard a church referred to as Biatch
by klw September 26, 2003
someone getting their ass handed to the. someone who is owned by someone else.
"Hey Joe,looks like I just stomped your ass BIATCH." or "Sue get down on your knees and give me head BIATCH."
by nun a ya biz BIATCH April 25, 2003
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