opinions, feelings, etc. (often preconceived) towards a person, place or thing with and/or without prior emperical knowledge, i.e. something that we all have, regardless of perception. See also ignorance.
Bias is a result of self-formulated opinions regardless of experience with any given situation or lack thereof.
by Angr-E September 11, 2006
Showing excessive favor towards something, like a referee in a sports game calling false calls on team A because he's a fan of team B and he wants team B to win
Bias also exists on TV. Fox news is an example of bias
by rggjghdghjhjdgh November 11, 2011
A shortcut for the term:
I am
"My gosh, how can you be so smart?"
by lunishiaqueen December 23, 2013
To lean towards something because you don't like something else, or you like something more than something else. Goes hand in hand with discrimination and prejudice.
Susan was biased when she was on the dating show. Contestant one was a telephone sanitizer and contestant two was a millionaire. She wanted the one with more money, even though the telephone sanitizer was a really sweet guy.
by Grrl Genius April 18, 2004
A negative voltage applied to the grid of a vacuum tube in order to assist the alteration of the flow of electrons from the cathode to the plate.
the bias used for the 201A tube is 4.5 volts when the plate is at 90 volts.
by BlastMaster June 16, 2003
someone who is a bitch
You bia you stole my boyfriend!
by meg February 18, 2004
the 45 degree angle across the grain of fabric
a bias cut dress, it is very flowy!
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