the 45 degree angle across the grain of fabric
a bias cut dress, it is very flowy!
Favor towards someone or something.
I had bias for Obama.
by dfes September 20, 2011
To alter the DC offset and/or gain of a transistor such that the final amplified signal produced by the transistor is not clipped or distorted due to voltage or current saturation
Unless you bias the transistors in an audio amplfiier, the audio will sound like shit
by chriberg May 14, 2005
The direction fabric is woven.
the bias would be the direction of the stripes on striped fabric.
by Lenore August 06, 2004
Bitch is ain't shit.
Used when someone says something that makes sense or something of great importance.
Statement: I almost had surgery yesterday buy my GF convinced me to seek another opinion and saved my life.
Reply: BIAS
by Icydoomhammer January 02, 2009
She is such a bia.
by heather haskill June 23, 2003
Bitches (plural of bitch)
Holla back at me you bias!
by Burtonsn0w September 06, 2007

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