used to avoid offending others with a worse "b" word that means a person with a bad attitude who always wants their way because they think they're perfect when actually they're just a big biatch, which is where the word originates
"She was acting like a big 'ol bia and I wanted to slap the crap out of her."
by lisagirl April 11, 2003
Top Definition
In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived from "having a bias towards a particular person."
G-Dragon is my ultimate bias, but Key is my SHINee bias.
by hapamyheart October 23, 2011
Someone who alredey has their mind made up and preset towards a one sided view of a situation
99.9% of UD editors are bias
by Loganisdbomb July 16, 2006
that one thing present in most terms defined here in the urban dictionary.
Your term isn't accurate for other people. Your definition is biased.
by cdeonyan March 10, 2009
In Oriya (a regional Indian language) Bia means "Vagina" or "Cunt". It is pronounced bi-aa. 'Bi' (as in bee) and 'aa' (as in ya).
Tuma bia taa bahut sundara heichi (Your cunt is very beautiful).
by Ruchika Mohanty December 04, 2008
'Bia' means pussy in oriya (regional language of Orissa-India)
tuma bia bada sundara (U've a very btfl pussy).
by odia July 31, 2006
What every single definition on Urban Dictionary has.
What you read above has bias.
by shabashabadaba August 30, 2010
simply cunt !

banda + bia = chua(child)
maghiya, to bia re ghiyan....

to bia re ghoda banda
by painintheass January 27, 2005

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