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opinions, feelings, etc. (often preconceived) towards a person, place or thing with and/or without prior emperical knowledge, i.e. something that we all have, regardless of perception. See also ignorance.
Bias is a result of self-formulated opinions regardless of experience with any given situation or lack thereof.
by Angr-E September 11, 2006
an alternate way to pronounce a word that starts with the letters "T" and "R" or with the letters "T", "H" and "R".
1) My car ran into the "chree".
2) I thought I had two of them, but I really had "chree".
3) My best friend's name is "Chroy".
4) I told the "chrougth".
5) I am "chrough" with this video game.
by Angr-E September 11, 2006

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