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A very gentle person, pure beauty on the inside and out, she can always cheer you up in one instance, don't ever let go of a Biance she just might not come back to you. She is against all cruel behavior and will always be there for you.
Friend: what happened to you you used to go and party with us all the time and get wasted ? Friend2: I got myself a biance, I'm not a deadbeat anymore
#amaizing #funny #generous #biancy #loving #smart #active #unique
by forreallzz February 11, 2014
More than a boyfriend but not a fiancé yet. Used to define a partner in a long-term multi-year adult relationship.
Girl, you been with him for how long? Tell your Biancé that he better put a ring on it!
by fabianistheword January 08, 2016
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