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Another word for women
From Tech N9ne's "Let Me In"

"Only reason I even go to the club is so I can listen to some loud music, drink, and holler at a Bianc"
by TheChronic1 November 04, 2009
Bianc is the Aussie shortening of "Bianca". The name spells out amazing. All aspire to be Bianc's
'Fair dinkum Bianc is a goddess!'
by BP07 October 08, 2007
another way to refer to women, generally a reprimand. From the english root bianca
Guy: Turn over lemme hit it from the back
random bitch: nuh-uh!
by ling0 December 31, 2006
An old smelly dirtrag
guy1:That man walkin down the street has no personal higene!
guy2:yeah hes a bianc.
by littleporkchop May 23, 2009
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