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its a name meaning very beutiful...amazing creature..its stands for being superb and not seen too often..a rare beautiful sight
i love a girl whom i have never met....but i m awestruck by her and i inspire the beauty n brains she is...she goes by the name....bhavya........india bihar
by her lover trying to be in hers February 06, 2010
The best and most unique girl in the world. She's beautiful, hot, sexy, cute, all at the same time. She is hilarious and knows how to have a good time. Very thoughtful, smart, and cares for everyone. She is not only a one of a kind girl but also a one of a kind human being. Everyone wishes to be her but no one can, because no one can attain perfection.
1. Oh god please make me a Bhavya
2. I want to be a Bhavya
3. I want a Bhavya
4. Bhavya is a goddess
5. Bhavya created the universe
6. Bhavya is the universe
by slightlysuperhuman November 25, 2014
A really imature little girl who truly thinks fairy tails exist
The bhavya didn't understand what her period was even after she had it for years.
by bihbih April 27, 2011

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