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The spiritual leaders. Also the baddest mutherfuckin badasses. Fuck wit us and get re-incarnated as a genital wart.
Shit, that guys a badass brahmin bhatt!
he's like best freinds with god!
by Brahmin Bull March 23, 2005
70 46
a small indian midget that cant beat up anyone.
Atharva - hey, look at shail! he's trying to beat up ronald but he's failing!

Willy - he's such a bhatt
by pavan_rao May 02, 2011
11 17
somebody who thinks they're helllaa cool, and say all the hot people are ugly, and think all the cool people are gay. AND they think "fsho" is gay.
sana, bhatt
by fshooooo April 28, 2009
5 34