Black Fair - an IGPN Forum user who "Doesn't take crap on board" particularly concerning socio-political related threads.
Communism could come back with a little support from BF!
by Auran March 21, 2004
Living in the boondocks.
Identical, but shorter, to BFE
Dude, I dont know where he lives, somewhere out in BF
by nobodys beezwax December 09, 2003
bitch fit aka crap attack
a bf is a girl having a majour fit about something, eg chipped a nail.
by GeMz'N'jEsS June 28, 2006
Your best friend.
My bf is a great friend.
by Colleen January 19, 2004
like bfer, this word is also related to brian fong, it means to BUTT FUCK
i'll bf j00!!!
by iori13 March 28, 2004
Butt Fuck !!!!! "YEAHHHHAAA"
Luke and Eric Butt Fuck when there drunk!!!!
by A and T- UNIT November 28, 2004

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