Blue Face Syndrome:

The loss of control over technology in one's life characterized by a strong sense of reliance upon said technology by the person(s); The name refer's to the ambient light reflection on one's face when utilizing a phone/laptop/t.v./etc. in social scenario's (bar, movie, etc.).
All the people in this bar have B.F.S.! They need to stop living in the digital world and get down!
by acetek January 23, 2012
Big F'ing Shiii
I just took a BFS Bro!

What...breadth first search?

No man, a big f'ing shiii!
by 3-Dawg July 24, 2011
Acronym for Big Fucking Sandwich. A very large sandwich, usually consisting of more than two slices of bread, along with meat and cheese in between each slice.
"I'm hungry, I'm gonna go make a BFS."
by ZeroPaladn November 10, 2008
Bigger, Faster, Stronger
I hit the weight room hard, i had too get BFS for football season.
by Cool Wayne March 23, 2007
bad fag swag ; typically means a handsome cute etc gay dude
Dude: who is that dude?
Dude 2: hell yea who is he?
Dude: i think he bfs cause he baddd as hell ;)
Dude 2: *shouts" wassup baby!?
by dlobfs September 12, 2011
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