To buttfuck or make anal love to.
I will bf her in her fine ass.
by Renz of the SG March 17, 2005

as in the game by EA.
lets all play bf :|
by [Cyanide] March 31, 2004
Baby Face - pronounced BIF

a guy who looks like a baby even though they should be a man
Daniel "Have you seen Philip lateley?hes 19 and he doesnt shave

Greeny "he still looks like he does the day he was born"

Keegan "He suffers from some sort of anti puberty disease or something aye"

Pad "What a baby face man"
by Goats anon January 16, 2004
Butt Fuck
John and Jim had a nice butt fuck.
by not john or jim September 12, 2003
"Butt Fuck" The act of placing your male reproductive organ (penis) into the anal cavity of another human or beast.
Jared wants to butt fuck sally.
by Shroom January 19, 2005
Very Large Forehead Often Flat
James Hazlewood has a BF
by wagwan66 January 04, 2008

Bitch Face.
The check-out girl at the corner grocery is a big fugly BF.
by SeaBat June 09, 2006

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