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The meaning of this term remains a mystery. Apparently, however, the presence of bevis is forbidden in theme parks, especially those featured in poorly-developed video games.

*cough* Bebe's Kids *cough*
No vibes.
No bevis.
by JaG March 29, 2005
An abbreviation for the word "Beverage" that is used in the Merseyside in the northwest of England. Usually alcoholic but not always.
"Ere lad give us a bevi der"
by Ban-Ban February 19, 2009
a norwegian and american slang way to spell Bevy as in the name Beverly.
1.) Yo it's BEVI!!!

2.)HEI BEVI!!!

for those who don't know Hei is Hi in Norwegian. ^^
by Kimmimmiimmmiii September 24, 2006
A mindless person.
Josh Gaines is a bevis.
by Billy Shubin December 17, 2003