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adj. An improper way of saying that something has improved but not by much.

It's basically like saying: Something has improved, but not enough to say that it's 'better'

Note: An emphasis (italics) is usually placed on the last "er" to make clear the lack of substantial improvement.

Child: How do you feel I'm doing with my sparring?
Karate Instructor: It's ... better'er' - you still got some work to do.

Person 1: How are you doing in school?
Person 2: I'm doing betterer ... I'm still getting some Cs though.
by TheShark06 October 23, 2006
6 14
better than better. Often used when trying to trump someones belief that one thing is better than another.
Dave: Google is better. Sally: Yahoo is betterer.
by CakeEater1Million July 23, 2008
23 6
The act of being more betterer.
Som is more betterer than "EvilSmokey"
by Fa shiz January 20, 2005
11 16
Betterer is not a real word!
Is is a word used by bogans whom believe that you can make something broken more than better.
Only a true bogan will use a word like betterer
John: Here is your PC fixed
Shazza: Did you make it betterer?
John: What the F&*K are you on about? How can you make something betterer when its fixed? You Stoopid bogan!
by Cruzin July 05, 2006
7 18