Black Entertainment Television. Usually makes whites look bad in a indirect way, talking about how the black race has suffered slavery, when really none of the slaves are still alive today. Also takes pride in the fact that they 'came from the ghetto'.
BET can't seem to remember that the 'actual' blacks can't afford cable, so only the plush blacks from the 'burbs watch it.
by Freak Obscene April 17, 2004
B.E.T. stands for Black Entertainment Television

A network channel targeted towards African Americans with news, sports, music and movies... etc.
I watch B.E.T. everyday
by Nicole August 16, 2003
B.E.T. is racist television. White people can't go around criticizing blacks, yet blacks do it all the time on their comedy shows. B.E.T. is mostly rap, R&B and hip-hop "music" only from blacks. Even though I don't like listening to rap, R&B and hip-hop, it's better than MTV, since MUSIC Television doesn't even play music, just fucked up "reality" shows.
Bouncy Extra Testicle
by Tyler July 20, 2003
An Acronymn for Broken English Television. Is availble through satellite and cable tv hookup. Plays a hip hop and rap music videos that are usually inside a night club. Known to even break tv screens from all the pointing and gang sign flashing going on. Loved by more white people than black.
BET "I like the way you be right thurr..."
BET "I axe you to da club"
BET "For Shizzle Dizzle in my mizzle got dang hizzle."
by Surisis August 08, 2006
A carbon copy of MTV. Literally.
And the sad thing is that there is nothing on B.E.T. that is entertaining at all.
by hahaa October 08, 2003
An acception of an invitation, also meaning Yes. A sign of approval. Most do not use it sparingly, but add it to spice up sentences. Not referring to, "making a bet."
Person 1: Hey homie, whats good in the hood?

Person 2: Betttttt, nothing much.

Person 1: She is a hottie,

Person 2: Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Betttttt.
by glamourbett September 22, 2009
BETS when you are eating the last things in your cupboard. Macaroni and Cheese w/Hot Dogs. Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon, etc. It's your last meal. You bet your life on it.
I was hungry for some real food but all we had was BETS
by Les B. Labbauf June 05, 2004
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