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(N)igga's (W)ith (P)uppets
It was meant to be the original name for Seseme Street before the white man claimed it as their own.
I was the one who thought up of Seseme Street. I was going to call it the N.W.P: Niggas with Puppets. Catchy ain't it?
by Poony June 05, 2004
Nigga's with puppets
I invented Sesame street, too, but the white man stole it. I was gonna call it Niggaz with puppets
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
N.W.P. - Niggaz With Puppets. Negro variant of Sesamestreet.
Did you watch NWP yesterday? It was so awesome!
by Koos Busters May 25, 2005
Reverse pwning...used to shut down those who fail at pwning you, or winning in a battle of pwning.

Guy 1: Dude I slept with your girlfriend last night! Pwned!
Guy 2: Good it gave me the night to sleep with your mom! Nwped!
by omnomnomitynom5455 November 02, 2009
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