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a word used to describe a perfect man that you absolutley want to marry.
wow.I met this guy last night and he seems like such a bertrand.
by donna1824 December 02, 2007
a person who looks like an asshole but is actually really awesome
You should give him a chance, he is totally a bertrand.
by donna1824 December 02, 2007
The man behind the camera who always makes mistakes.
Evil Overlord "Hey! Stop it!"
Bertrand "Sorry."
by Derpz May 04, 2015
in a moving vehicle: to closely follow someone in an aggressive manner in an attempt to pass them on the interstate or highway. Often times, the vehicle attempting to be passed is already exceeding the speed limit so the person doing the bertranding ends up looking like a dick
Girl I'm going 90 in a 65 and this car behind me is on my ass trying to pass me. She needs to stop her damn bertranding before I go off.
by laurelruf January 05, 2010
a dirty, half nigger who constantly bitches about seemingly unimportant things, nobody enjoys the company of, and smells like dirty asshole.
Dude, i just shit a bertrand.
by Goldennn October 11, 2010
One who likes the same sex, in other words, a homosexual.
Chip, you are such a bertrand.
by Dawg I dont need no name July 04, 2006
an extremely fat homo who can consume 2,000 pounds of bacon at once. he enjoys making videos attempting to look cool by dancing with his pants down.

should not play soccer without a shirt (this can save young girls lives since they will not need to see his sweaty fat rolls)

thinks he can someday have sex but is toooo fat to do so.
OMG that kid is such a bertrand, did you notice how the ground shook when he played jump rope??!?!?!?!?!!?
by Shorty747 February 16, 2008

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