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a very two faced confused person, most likley a short male with an orange sweatshirt. this person will have some of the wildest facial expressions known to man kind.
wow dude ur such an ercolani.
by Shorty747 February 16, 2008
someone who judges people without knowing them
a skilled motocross rider, one who thinks he is the shizz
one in love with a ginger girl but cant admit it due to jackass friends.
someone who dyes his hair bleech blonde inorder to be cool (but really isnt)
dude just tell her you like her dont be such a monroe.

you dont even know her dont be a monroe.

by Shorty747 February 16, 2008
an extremely fat homo who can consume 2,000 pounds of bacon at once. he enjoys making videos attempting to look cool by dancing with his pants down.

should not play soccer without a shirt (this can save young girls lives since they will not need to see his sweaty fat rolls)

thinks he can someday have sex but is toooo fat to do so.
OMG that kid is such a bertrand, did you notice how the ground shook when he played jump rope??!?!?!?!?!!?
by Shorty747 February 16, 2008

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