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new starburts. the commercial made it popular
guy - you tried these new berries and cream starbursts?
irish guy - pardon me. what kind of starburts did you just say?
guy - berries..
irish guy - berries and what else?
guy - and cream
irish guy - *ahh ah!* berries and cream, berries and cream, im a little lad that loves berries and cream. berries and cream! berries and cream! im a little lad that loves berrrriessss and creaaaaaaam!
by Kaytlynn May 09, 2007
When A Guy Masturbates Or Busts A Nut On His own balls

Then The Girl Sucks The Cream And His Balls At The Same Time
Bob: Sucks My Nuts I'm About To Bust
Mary: Oh Yes Berries And Cream, What Fun!
by moises liberato December 08, 2007
a short female or male who has a bob style haircut (to the chin length with short full bangs) .

as seen on the starburst commercial.
Girl talking: eww look at what i spot!
Girl number 2: i spot berries and cream!
by EDD N PASQUALiTO YEZZZ July 22, 2009
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