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to take steriods, become a massive professional wrestler, get married, have kids, go mad, kill your kids, then your wife, then shoot yourself.
going to school makes me want to benoit myself, i would rather do all that then go to school, that is unholy dedication!
by wrestling fan...not! October 30, 2007
A verb meaning to inject your family (or one member of your family/girlfriend) with steroids and then kill them via suffocation, strangling, or potentially bodyslamming. Followed by possibly hanging yourself.
(Shae): "Man, my girl pissed me off!"

(Al): "Soooo, whatcha do?"

(Shae):"I had to Benoit her ass man!"
by Big Vanilla August 07, 2007
When one has Sarnac and it passes to the grundel/taint.
"I had a bad case of Sarnac that exploded into Benoit."
by Goob, Cole, & Galoot August 03, 2007